Wednesday, June 29, 2016


The city lights, Crowded places, Creepy noises where machines are so alive and Peoples are pretty much dead burying themselves into busy schedueles.... I FEEL LOST !!!  


I often visit this park. I love walking around here watching games or just to hang around. its a place sometimes i go and read a book and spent a large amount of time there. i took this pictures with my new camera which is not so new now. I though once i have a camera i would use it to so many pictures and be creativity about it but my camera is just sitting around in the corner( pretty sad huh.). I just use it when i am out for short trip or vacations. The camera serves me good enough for its worth. I hope take more better pictures in the future and share here possibly. I am more alive in instagram so if you would wanna know about me then you are always welcome on my instagram. :) x0x0