Friday, June 27, 2014


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Apart from being interested/hobby in art, craft, fashion diy's. I have always been interested in joining a military  but never took it too serious to be real. But after completing GED/High school and a year of break before college, i wanna tryout for military. I did some research and found out that there are different brand on military too. Being in a air force sounds cool but i would rather go in reserve army. I am not really smart but i am good at catching things quick. I am a fast learner. There are so many things that i don't have knowledge about. As far i know myself, i have been kind of people who doesn't learn by watching or listening. I have to try &  experience it. I learn a new thing while watching movie a long time ago, that we can even get a license for Gun. That felt like a out of the world to me, it sounds sort of funny yet something so amazing. I was like, i have to get that license before i die. I watch movies a lot - romantic, action, sci-fi, etc. The lowest part of my life right now is that nobody takes serious about me being interested in army. They chuckles when i say i wanna join the army and that feels bad, really bad. 
I don't have a very important reason to choose to be in a military but i hope if i ever get there, then i do good. I spent my whole life in hostel. And i believe if i go there it will be same as hostel but lot of hard works. It will be a life changing. I love change. ohh hell, I CRAVE CHANGE. I have to change the structure of my room every now and then. Its boring when you see the same looks all the time. I am also interested in doing a major in interior designing. I've already got my GED so, i could apply for collage any time but first i will try and get into military. I just thought that if i don't even try it then i would regret my whole life for not trying. 

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