Monday, December 29, 2014

NEPAL 2014

           I visited Nepal this year after almost three years and it felt great. Nepal is changed and getting better day by day. My main purpose for visiting nepal was to meet my grandparents. The most important person in my life is my grandmother. She was there my whole childhood life and has raised me to be good enough. If it wasn't for my grandmother i guess i would have been dead right now. I don't really appreciate "THE LIFE" so much. I am not just talking about my life. The life is messy and almost impossible to fix the puzzle. But there's my mother who has thought me to smile through sadness. I met my mother after 10 years for the first when she came to school to visit and when i had no idea what to do i just sat there and cried. Now enough with the boring family talks. 

Nepal is an amazing place. I went there for two month but wanted to stay for longer. The times just flies when you are happy without knowing how you spended it. And when you realize it, its heartbreaking. I made a video diary of 2013 and i was hoping to make one for 2014 but unfortunately my laptop broke down and couldn't do much. And i took so many amazing photographs of the beautiful nature of Nepal. I haven't been able to have time and means to actually upload the pictures, But soon i promise. I could right now just upload one of my favorite picture of mine from Nepal. You can check on my instagram if you'd like. THANK YOU  - xo 

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